4 thoughts on “Linked

  1. works really nice in b/w, and i like the short dof you’re using making the link vanish into eternity.
    however, my eyes get disturbed by the blurred wire in the centre of the picture, it’s too close and it “steals” focus if you see what i mean.

    • Thanks! I can see what you are seeing and I see myself it is a little disturbing to the eye. When I spotted this mess of a fence I had a vision!…..I think if I stepped back a bit and focused a bit from fron to back it may have worked a bit better. I appreicate your words as I admire your work!

  2. Lo Importante Es Ir Aprendiendo De Las FotografĂ­a Que Vamos Haciendo. Me Parece Acertado El Comentario De “martin”, Veo Un Gran Cambio a Mejor Desde El Cambio De Camara…. Lo Importante Es Que Disfrutemos Haciendo FotografĂ­as. Un Saludo.

    • Thank you and each shot is in fact a learning experience. Sometimes what the brain envisions and the eye sees does not always transfer to the camera as I wish. It is the love of each shot that allows for growth. Thank you so much!

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