6 thoughts on “Line-up

  1. beautiful!
    i would like to see you do this with the camera in normal position and shot a bit from side so the line would go from the left to the right. as a comparison.

    • Thanks! And I did do a shot as such – but – there was a bench towards the end run of the tulips and when I got that shot there were people sitting on the bench and it looked rather odd – it was a crowded day and hard to get the shot with the bench free. I actually went to this spot on two separate days after I had seen the first shot with the bench occupied – and then took this shot (and a few others) – sometimes it works in theory (my mind) but does not translate as planned.

    • Thank you! This was my second time to shoot this “Line-up”….I had a vision when I spotted them – and while this was not exactly what I was aiming for – it was a shot that I liked.

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